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    To those who's never been to Humla.
Humla is one of the poorest region of Nepal but it is culturally rich and has the beautiful landscapes. Here are some of the pictures of its landscapes. And these places include some areas of  Simikot, Thehe Village, Hilldung and Rallin Gumba. 
Water there has heavenly taste ! 
Barley facing towrds mountains. 
the view of Simikot from distant ( on the way to Topra )
moving clouds. 
Full moon evening. 
Here I quenched my thirst to death ! 
on the way to Rallin Gumba.
Still clouds. 
surrounded by silent hills 
sadly enough, there's no road access for vechiles so people has to walk on these trails for hours and hours to reach the destination. 
carpet of green 
misty mountain
at turning. 
little rain