Huawei | Wisdom

Motion Graphics

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

In this film we tell the story of the evolution of a new “species” of technology, evolved from the established and well known DNA of the Huawei Brand. Our setting is a raw, elemental landscape, echoing the cradle of life. We draw visual metaphors from both nature and technology, such as self-assembly, replication, and fibonacci spirals.

The clean lines of the product are juxtaposed against chaotic and powerful natural forces that drive change and evolution— situating the beautiful product design prominently against eroded rock and windblown sand.



The making of this film was a collaboration across cultures and continents, which made the results truly special. We were intrigued by Huawei’s concept of Wisdom, of accumulated knowledge and experience over time, which leads to their mastery of product. We chose to let this concept guide how we worked together and in the film’s artwork.

Huawei | Wisdom