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    A cover artwork for GLOVVESS' "Why Oh Why (Hard To Get)".
Herald Reynaldo Sinaga and Wing Narada Putra join forces under the moniker GLOVVESS. 
GLOVVESS’ tunes will embrace their listeners through suggestive spells that cause them to shy-dance and hypnotized them at the same time, crafted by a perfect combination of whispery vocals, rhythmical RnB beats and cold guitar melodies.
'Why Oh You (Hard To Get) is the first single from their EP 'Fictional Strangers' (free download or info here, won't regret it, super awesome). If you love 90s R&B or the kind of person who digs experimental Hip-Hop fused in somekinda let's-get-down-and-dirty kinda beat, you may want to check 'em out.
Listen to 'Why Oh You (Hard To Get) here. x