De Parade moet
We were asked to create a work concerning 'De Parade'; a square in Den Bosch. To start the project the first thing I did was visit the square to take some pictures and take notes. The thing with the square is that there is a lot of discussion going on about how it should be used.

The main conclusion I could make after visiting the square a few times was that it was based on compromises. After some further research in the community archives I stumbled apon a series of interviews about the destination of the square with all the parties that neighbor to it. Here I found the source of the 'compromising feeling' I had when I visited the square: everyone has an opinion about the what the square needs and the City of Den Bosch tries to satisfy all of those needs.

At first I was tempted to create a new plan for the square, but I realised that this wouldn't be a solution but just another plan. I decided to adress the problem, but without a solution, only a statement that 'something must be done'. I collected al of the needs in the documents I found and I gave all of them the format 'De Parade moet...' (De Parade needs...) followed by the opnion and the party. This resulted in 30 statements about what should happen with the square.

I (virtually) placed the statements throughout the city to create awareness, on the square itself I thought of 3D typography with only the first part of the format: De Parade moet (free translation/interpretation: De Parade must happen). I chose the ANWB fontface because of the relationship it has with public space.