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Youth for Water & Climate

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YWC connects water & climate youth leader initiatives from around the world to technical & financial resources. The objectives of the International Secretariat for Water & the Global Water Partnership were to: Support young people in developing their project ideas and proposals in collaboration with global, regional and national technical partners, facilitate the fundraising for projects run by young people through different transparent mechanisms (calls for projects, competitions, diffusion of funding offers, etc.), facilitate youth advocacy to illustrate their contribution to the sustainable development goals and the global climate agenda.​​​​​​​

WEB DEVELOPER  /  WEB DESIGN  /  ​​​​​​​Dominic Huysmans
AWARDS  /  ​​​​​​​RGD So(cial) Good Design Awards 2020  |  Nonprofit category

In addition to those main goals, the project aimed to be inclusive for young people of varied culture and upgrade their feeling of belonging, with a universal symbolism, while being singular and credible with multiple partners in the field of water and climate. The SIE & the GWP also wanted autonomy for their teams in the use of the different graphic and technological elements.

The logo was drawn in a single movement by tracing heart-shaped wings of a flying fish and a leaf tail. Those references illustrated each youth determination for the cause and the propulsion of their projects on the platform. The flat graphic waves and illustrations have been thought of in the global identity for an effective way of linking different elements, and increase understanding, in a sometimes-deconstructed grid as on the web, sometimes to add movement to more classic compositions.

An important element in the graphic universe was that they had no archives or budget for photography as the project was new and worldwide. This aspect, in addition to the inclusivity goal, led us to choose the symbolic of aquatic life, with a colourful and illustrative approach. Our aim with this choice was to speak to as many people as possible, while having a distinct and attractive global signature.

Until this day, 20+ field projects have been implemented; 15,000+ people benefiting from young people’s activities. Young people have come up with concrete solutions for helping the water community achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. With this project, youth had the opportunity to present their solutions to sector experts at: Cop 24; World Water Forum & World Water Week in Stockholm.



Youth for Water & Climate

Youth for Water & Climate

YWC connects water & climate youth leader initiatives from around the world to technical & financial resources.