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    Adapting my personal history to my identity
Growing up, every one around me, at school and home, told me i had a very bad hand writing. Honestly it wasn't legible. It got so awkward that I couldnt read my own writing sometimes. 
As i grew older, I grew confident and got more relaxed when i was writing. I had no choice if i wanted to pass exams. But still, it wasnt that great. I gave up on having a sexy hand writing and just avoided writing when i could. Bad, I know
Immediately i picked designing, i started ignoring people's comments about my writing and defended its ugliness with my art and design. Literally, i didnt give a f&%k cause, MY WRITING IS MY IDENTITY. 
So I decided to adapt this personal history into my Design Identity, cause really I owe my confidence to design
TADA!!! I then adapted to my website on
my tiwitter page @surkreo
my facebook page 
Yeah, and my behance page :D
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