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    Photo series covering the physical damage that occured due to the explosion and effect the disaster has had on the lives of people effected.
West Texas Disaster
Spent a day shooting in West, Texas about a month after the disaster. Entering the town the only evidence of the explosion seen was the myriad of disaster contractor milling about. However, as my iPhone guided me towards the literal smoking-hole-in-the-ground where the plant once stood, the evidence was very apparent. The damage was very telling as you got a profound sense of the shape of the blast’s shockwave. The damage ebbed and flowed street by street. I spent a few hours just walking through the effected neighborhoods and talking with whoever was up for a chat. I’m not a photojournalist and I did not like feeling like one that day. However, it was intriguing how it seemed that the disaster kinda visually pealed back lives and possession much like a banana. Why were there so many mattresses sitting on curbs? Odd. Not sure how I feel about that day.