Remember old days, when life revolved beneath the shade of the humble tree?
Where time stood still for people to meet friends, make new acquaintances, play music, have a discourse, read, share a meal, or simply do nothing at all? Lahooti Melo is a cause-based international music festival that recreates this sense of old-world neighbourliness,
where the community gathers, connects and builds bonds that grow stronger each passing year. 
It is astounding how each year, the festival not only maintains, but keeps on enhancing this vibe along with orbiting a theme that is need of the time. The festival was founded by Saif Samejo, a musician and thought leader who belongs to a contemporary folk and soul band called The Sketches in 2016. Each year, my task is to create the festival's visual identity and designs that are carried out throughout all of Lahooti's social media and on ground festival branding. Each week leading to the festival, we kept evolving our design with our interpretations of its theme for this year: Eco, Not Ego. It is a slogan that covered subjects like sustainability, climate change, wildlife, policymaking, environmentalism and indigenous rights. The following designs were used for Lahooti's cover photos, display images and animations for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, posters, panaflexes, murals, merchandise and backdrops. 
I also create an archive of all the talks and sessions that are held at Lahooti Melo on my website:

For the Logo I sat with the founder to have an insight into his mind and figured out that for him, the theme was all about Climate Solutions.
I decided to design something generic yet unique in its own way and something that conveys what's behind "Eco, Not Ego" at a glance.
Cover Photo for social media & Stage Banner. I initially interpreted the theme as man realising how he is one with nature, not in conflict with it.
For the main stage backdrop, I decided to go with sharp colours so that it stands out. The traditional Sindhi woman represents all indigenous life on
Thar Desert. This is a tribute to their ancestral wisdom which has helped them preserve their wildlife by calling it sacred.
For the session stage, I decided to go for a more earthy backdrop since many environment related workshops and solo talks were to be conducted there during the day. I chose to show the Earth as a woman who is holding us even when her arms are broken and we are healing her by planting more trees.
For social media header, I decided to use the festival's founder Saif Samejo as my muse to express the pain and protectiveness we collectively feel as a response to the suffering of our wildlife. 
The festival was decorated with sustainably designed flags. I used minimal colours and concepts that remind the audience to give a wake-up call to fossil fuels companies destroying indigenous peoples' lives while mistreating their land and resources.
The following promotional designs inspired by yoga poses I have been making me feel more grounded and quotes from
 Yoko Ono's book called 'Acorn'.
The following four artworks were alternative profile pictures created for the festival's social media.
Poster made for indigenous rights awareness as a part of Lahooti's social media campaign.
Template designed for sessions.
Template designed for individual speaker & performer profiles.
Poster to announce poets which required some depth.
A pictorial guide illustrated to assist the attendees.
This is how the designs were used on ground 
Thank You!
Lahooti Melo 2020


Lahooti Melo 2020