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    Repositioning a Beauty Center
Fabricantes de Piropos (“Compliments Manufacturers”) used to be called Cosmetic Beauty. In other words: nothing. It was just another one of the many cosmetic centers which draw no attention. It did not help to generate more business and emotionally transmitted as much as… cement. Cosmetic Beauty did not suggest anything, it was plain and dull. Its success lied only in the talents of the 3 founders to beautify the ladies.
With the new identity, this beauty center is much more attractive now, desirable, special, and magical. They are even looking for a bigger space to move to. Although that’s not the best part. The best part is that for a few days these 3 people are going to work differently. Because it’s very different to get up in the morning to apply make-up on people, than to manufacture compliments.
Compliments: My lips hurt from the kisses I can’t give you /// With those eyelashes you move the wind /// For you I would miss the Champions’ League match /// Aren’t you tired? You’ve walked through my mind 800 times
Compliments: Hey, you! Give me back my eyes! /// There should be a doctor in each room that you step on /// What did you have for breakfast? Photoshop? /// Girls like you are the reason why we construction workers wear helmet
Compliments: Pay close attention on not to slip, the soil is full of drools /// I can never love you as a friend /// The biggest reason for divorce. Are you? ///I didn’t know angels use the lift