For this project I had to redesign an existing company. I had to remake the logo, website and leader head. I also had to make a standards guide for the company.
   I picked LandYatchz because it is a great company, with excellent products, but it is week graphically. 
  For the logo I decided to keep key elements of the previous logo, to keep a similar image. Which will make it easier for customers to adjust to the change. The symbol behind the letters comes from the old logo. I added some color and dimension, and made it resemble a skate board wheel. The letters I custom made in Illustrator. I made them to resemble the hills and curves that are the essence of long boarding.
   For the leader head I made a image of hills, with the website, address, and phone number skating down. This is a creative solution I used to stand out against the norm, borrowing letter heads.
   For the standards guide I had to include mission statement, core values, logo usage, color palette, and type specs.
   For the website I made it have the same look and feel as their other pieces. Also, by putting their latest rides at the top of the website it attracts riders to further their interest of boards, the main selling point of Landyatchz, attracting them to click the our boards button. Which could lead to sales of the displayed board and other boards in their gallery.
   I also included an area to talk about the Landyatchz team. Where I include their mission statement, to show that they are crafting the boards because they, like their customers love skating.
   To keep riders coming back to the site, I added a section for customers to add pictures of themselves skating, and also Landyatchz contests to win free gear. The rider pics button will lead to a gallery of pictures, by riders. Where viewers can vote for the ride of the week, which the winners picture gets displayed on the home page.