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    Nike Exosphere is a concept brief we got from Nike Sweden when we studied at Hyper island.
NIKE's mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world, (*If you have a body you are an athlete) with the purpose to inspire people to run and exercise. Their target group for this project was female runners between 19-25 (+/-) with an active lifestyle,but who wants to get better.
Nike Sweden asked us for an audio-visual experience. They want people to actually run on a physical track or treadmill, using Nike+, and it should be social.
We needed to figure how to create a more pleasant and exciting indoor running experience using products from Nike. The challenge was to create
the ultimate indoors running experience, using the technology from tomorrow.
We did surveys (66 replies) and in depth interviews with 5 girls. We mapped out their needs and wants
and how they think about running, especially indoor running. Some of the insights we got was:
- Running is not just about calorie counting, but about an experience.
- Indoor running is not at all as appealing as outdoor running.
- Clear goals and follow up improvements in running activities are high motivation factors.
Nike Exosphere is a running house built for the ultimate running experience. By using a Nike+ the sensors will follow the user and be able to provide you with stats at all times on the walls, LED screens will challenge and motivate you and hologram plus-points will gameify the running experience. There will be different tunnels and challenges in the house for balance, strength, core, and speed, mixing in all different senses. There is a 3D sound tunnel for speed, The String Room for playfulness with sound and The Jungle for smell and taste and balance. The run ends in the Lounge Room where you get to see all data and stats on a big interactive screen and sync it with you Nike+ app. We use innovation to boost the five senses and motivate the runner by visualizing their achievements. The running house provides you with an holistic experience for your body and mind thereby activating all your strings. You in turn will affect the house by providing it with energy. Every step you make creates fuel for the house and saves resources for the Earth.
Workgroup from Hyper Island: Christin Malén Andreassen, Håkan Larsson,
August Segerholm, Rosa Hrund, Gabriel Comym, Diana Zuleta,
Helene Guldahl, Johan Heikensten, Saga Lundqvist, Dan Smith
More credits on vimeo-link