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Scandinavian Interior [Full CGI]

Scandinavian Interior [Full CGI]

About 3 months ago I started "another personal scandinavian interior project". 
It turned out to be quite bigger than I thought. Initially I went for few wide shots and a couple of closeups. The goal was to create as photorealistic renders as I possibly can and also to play around with ornatrix to achieve realistic looking fur. 

Well, it took nearly 1 month of rendering and I ended up creating 1 minute animation, vr tour, 50+ wide shots and 150+ closeups. I gladly share the full set. Hope you like it!
Tasks: Design / Rendering / Compositing / Editing / Color Grading
Software used: 3dsmax / Corona Renderer / After Effects / Premiere / Davinci Resolve

Extended version (animatic included):

A couple of 360 panoramas:

'Few' extra shots below :) Hope you like them as well!
Thank you and see you on instagram!

Scandinavian Interior [Full CGI]

Scandinavian Interior [Full CGI]