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    Fairy animation created as part of the Allingham Creative Workshop in June 2013.
In late 2012 I had the opportunity to present an animation at the Allingham Arts Festival in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal. Following the presentation of work a panel chose four people that would return to Ballyshannon to take part in a creative workshop. I was fortunately chosen to take part and on friday the 7th of June I went to Ballyshannon and stayed until tuesday the 11th of June. Over the duration of my time there I worked with a design team with the aim of producing a multidisciplinary outcome combining film, illustration and 3D content. I worked with Mark Cullen (lecturer in Design & Creative Technologies at the University of Ulster) and Heidi Elliot (BDes Design for Creative Practice, specialising in 3D Animation)  on the 3D content, which was based on the popular Allingham poem 'The Fairies'. I was given the task of rigging the fairies, under the time constraints I had to develop a bone structure and consider how they would animate. Each of the 3D team were then given a scene from the film to animate. My scene can be viewed below, it was a difficult task and I feel the final outcome will fit in well with the final piece. Currently the final edit of the film is being edited and is set for release in early august in Ballyshannon.