We were asked to create a theme park proposal. We chose to create a space-themed park, because based on research we made, it's a theme that's heavily favored by our target audience.
We decided that we wanted to create a project that was based around a unique story and characters. After we decided our artistic direction, I designed the characters.
The following video was made to introduce our project to our clients.  It was created in collaboration with a great friend and designer, Virgilio Cortez. I created the characters and the script and he helped me animating, editing and illustrating the backgrounds.
Tim is the main character. I first designed him as an android, but later decided to make him more human to make him more relatable. 
Sdrul is the leader of the good guys. He is a wise and experienced pilot.
Connor loves piloting too.
Pitro is one of the bad guys. He loves creating evil weapons.
Duo is one of the bad guys too. He is not that smart to be honest...
There are three groups of characters. These are the protagonists, a team of awesome and gentle aliens that have come to earth to create SUPERNOVA. 
I also created a group of characters that target a younger audience. 
And of course, I created a group of antagonists. These evil characters will try to stop Sdrul and his friends in their quest.
Our theme park is filled with all kinds of awesome attractions, a great spaceship-themed mall, outdoor plazas, restaurants and a fantastic theatre. 
I designed the map using the concept of "crop circles", creating something unique and functional that goes along quite nicely with our theme.
Sdrul, the great captain of Supernova, travels to Earth with his friends to create a theme park that aims to save the planet from evilness.
But an evil group of aliens threaten to stop their mission and destroy their awesome theme park.
For our presentation, I designed several 3d-glasses based on our characters.