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3D & animation for IRZ
OAO "Izhevskiy radiozavod" are developing bussiness in 5 main areas: on-board and ground radio systems, telecommunication systems, railway automatics and communication systems, equipment for fuel and energy industry.

Aim: directions visualize
Top Five global directions for IRZ:
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Radio & telecommunication products by IRZ works in 3 Global system:
Robots – a promising new direction for an russian company. This is not a simple direction for IRZ... This is synergy of technology:
Can't robotize IRZ? My Ass! 
Wanna bottom wallpapper? Download here !
Yes, this is synergy of technology
Vizualizations works verry well:
3D & animation for IRZ


3D & animation for IRZ

A lot of 3d stuff for the group of companies OAO "Izhevskiy radiozavod"