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    Re-launch of company’s image. Starting with designing a new logo followed by corporated identity and packaging of the medicines.
Verisfield Pharmaceutical
Verisfield is a dynamically developing pharmaceutical company, in the field of generics. The original logo was designed at the outset of the company, when its primary need was for the doctors to get to know and trust it. The course of the company authorized a possible renewal of its corporate image to make it friendlier to the final recipient of the product, while, at the same time, reflecting its modern and innovative image.
Busyb took on the re-launch of this company’s image. Starting with designing a new logo that follows the principles of contemporary design -which call for simple, clear lines, and adding the element of human communication with emphasis of the section referring to an embrace, Verisfield is enhanced with new values and corporate features, passing, both symbolically and visually, to a new era.