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    Creating visual maps for the different cultural areas of Fort Kochi.
Kochi is a jewel in the crown of Kerala with its European heritage and true cosmopolitan temperament. A leisurely walk through it's streets is one of the best ways to discover all that the city has to offer - it's natural harbour and historical sites. A boat ride across the breathtaking blue lagoons and backwaters offers a glimpse of kochi's rural life and its true beauty.
This course gave me a chance to look at Kochi from varoius perpectives and to understand its rich heritage, community practices
and look at Kochi from the perspective of the locals. The idea developed along this. My concept was to develop travel cards and souvenirs for tourists to help them understand the varied culture of Fort Kochi. 
The guide has set of four maps about the four main areas of Fort Kochi and another set of small three Thank you tag.
These tags have different ways to appreciate people whom the tourist might meet on their way for their kindness, their hospitality or for giving you a great experience while their stay in Fort Kochi. You can write personal messages on the backside of all these cards. 
The Bazaar Street - Fort kochi  - front 
Back view
The Chinese Fishing area - Fort Kochi - front view
Back view
Jew Town area - Fort Kochi - front 
Back view
Anglo Indian Community area with Cafés - Fort Kochi - front
Back view
Special Thanks to Svabhu Kohli for photoshop turtorials.