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    Become A Balance

Digital Art

Theme: The Equilibrium is a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing force.


My Equilibrium is the balance between the influences of my heart and my actions through my body.

Solution :  Painting Technique / C4D
                   Wacom Intous Pen Style
Design :  Digital Painting / Photoshop CC
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ian v. studios  2016 - All Rights Reserved ®

3D model created in Cinema 4D from a portrait of myself standing.

PLAYING WITH COLOR - Based on the original image and the difference. The balance between dark and light. 

ORIGINAL PIECE - Created using the 3D model and placed in Illustrator where I traced each individual triangle and gave it, its effect. Then placed in Photoshop and adjusted to give the Final LOOK and Effect. 

DOWNLOAD - Wallpaper Size

SIMILAR IMAGE - Created using similar technique and effect and style. Diamonds and the human body.

Thank you for viewing Equilibrium

Art Direction / Creative Advertisement / Editorial Design / Communication  by Ian V.
Year 2016  ®
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