Żabka.pl — Digital Platform
Together with Żabka Polska – the Brand of the Year 2019 and largest convenience store chain in Poland with 2 million customers daily – we’ve launched a brand new digital platform celebrating the company’s rebranding. Our job was to integrate two originally separate services: consumer and corporate and implement a new one, aimed at meeting clients’ day-to-day needs and business partners’ expectations.

One of the objectives was to increase the visibility of the private labels by creating a new section presenting dozens of products available at Żabka stores only. We designed the layouts, prepared several graphic elements for each brand and took care of all the visual effects which make the scrolling a bit more fun for end-users. Now, everybody can easily find all the delicious snacks, fresh sandwiches or beverages and check ingredients.
Żabka has been in the business for over 21 years now and they know that consistency across different digital communication channels is essential. To ensure it, we have created guidelines that clearly define a visual language in the field of design and development, consisting of processes, principles, reusable UI elements and internal standards.
Some time ago Żabka has introduced pick up/drop off services and they needed some redesign to make it more user-friendly. Nobody likes extremely long forms so we divided the whole process into several phases to make the experience as smooth as possible, gradually collecting all the necessary information, and created the iconography indicating parcel registration steps.
For users’ convenience, we designed and implemented an advanced multi-functional locator of more than 5,000 stores. As we know how precious the time is nowadays, we recommended a lightweight React library which fits perfectly with this type of fast and dynamic website and gives immediate results.
Client: Żabka

AgencySYZYGY Warsaw
UX Designers: Bartosz Sułkowski, Mateusz Karasiński
UI Designers: Mateusz Karasiński, Mariusz Flisiński, Dawid Kalinowski, Aneta Pomieczyńska, Jakub Konieczka, Kosma Ostrowski
Kacper Pasik, Bartosz Głowala, Karol Borkowski, Maciej Łebkowski, Dominik Gawryszewski, Marcin Stasiak, Marcin Gościcki, Mateusz Dołęga, Michał Włodarczyk, Mateusz Wit, Piotr Hałasiewicz
Project owners: Miłosz Belter, Adam Walewski, Paulina Kantorska
Head of UX: Bartosz Sułkowski
Head of Design: Mateusz Karasiński
Technology Director: Andrzej Duś
Business & Strategy Director: Tomasz Dominiak
Managing Director: Michał Łukawski

Żabka.pl — Digital Platform