WellBeings CBD Inhaler
Industrial Design
WellBeings CBD Inhaler

MNML founded WellBeings to maximize the powerful benefits of CBD and bring an elevated, considered experience to this emerging category. WellBeings is the latest brand under the MNML Ventures umbrella that leverages the studio’s diverse experience as a realization partner—from incubation to production.

The WellBeings Nano Mist Inhaler is the worlds first pocketable CBD delivery device created to provide rapid onset of the benefits of CBD in an elegant and user-centered form factor. There are two replaceable WellBeings Adaptogenic CBD formulation canisters compatible with the device: Calm and Relief. They are crafted to target the everyday occurrences of mental stress and physical discomfort from demanding lifestyles. The innovative Nano Mist technology atomizes CBD particles 100x smaller than standard CBD oil. Taken orally or inhaled, it provides a non-burning, dramatically more bioavailable experience with longer-lasting, faster-acting benefits and effects.

When you go above and beyond to raise the bar in a category, and in the process convert non-believers and skeptics to superfans, you know you have a great product
Rigorous Development

User-Centered Design

The iconic inhaler design is reusable and swappable with all WellBeings Nano Mist formulations. Crafted from durable medical-grade silicone and a food-safe BPA-free polymer, the device dispenses 200 precise nano metered doses. At home on your desk or side table–as well as in your bag or pocket–the Nano Mist Inhaler is a trusted companion for whatever the day brings.


With an uncompromising devotion to quality, the inhaler was developed with a focus on the future. The chamber of the inhaler is crafted of premium, durable Tritan plastic, while the mouth piece is made of medical-grade silicone that is removable for cleaning. An atomizer was finely tuned to be tailored to the WellBeings’ formulas, providing maximum bioavailability. A diverse team of contributors tirelessly vetted sources, methods, and partners to develop these best-in-class products, custom formulas, and proprietary devices that enable people to manage pain, anxiety, and sleep, while enhancing their overall wellbeing, naturally.
The Nano Mist Difference

Innovative Technology
CBD, terpenes, and herbal adaptogens are packed together into tiny micelle spheres more than 100x smaller, and with 8x more bioavailability than standard CBD oil. The WellBeings' formulations are water-compatible and dispense like a fine mist. The small particle size and water compatibility allow for near immediate absorption via inhalation or sublingual dosing – you choose. WellBeings' products provide fast delivery that’s combustion-free, with no battery, heating or artificial ingredients.

Natural Ingredients
WellBeings' merges cutting edge design and technology with the highest quality CBD-rich hemp flower and other natural adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbal regulators meant to restore homeostasis in the body by combating physical and emotional stressors and promoting overall well-being.
“... And if you’re one of those people who wants instant gratification of a low-key CBD buzz without the worries of vaping or the “is it actually working??” paranoia, try the CBD inhaler by WellBeings. It hits me like an espresso shot full of peace of mind.”
— Mark Wilson, Senior Writer at Fast Company
Proprietary Formulations 

With CBD, quality really matters. WellBeings’ hemp is grown in the USA starting with proprietary, state-certified seeds, and exercising responsible farming methods. After harvest, they use the finest extraction method resulting in broad spectrum CBD oil. That means that valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and omega fatty acids are preserved, providing the full benefits and potential healing power of the hemp plant.

The two WellBeings™ Adaptogenic CBD formulations are crafted to target the everyday occurrences of mental stress and physical discomfort from demanding lifestyles. Replaceable canisters deliver a precise dose of the proprietary nano mist formulas. These formulas use a patented micelle technology that shrinks particle size for increased efficacy, near immediate effect, and long-term duration. 

Calm Formulation

The Calm formula combines broad spectrum hemp oil with natural terpenes and herbal extracts including L-Theanine from green tea, ashwagandha, and ginseng. Fragrant terpenes including limonene and linalool impart lavender and lime scents, while citrus extract adds additional aroma and natural flavor.

Relief Formulation

The Relief formula has natural adaptogens that work synergistically with the broad spectrum hemp oil. The formula combines extracts of green tea leaf, ginger root, turmeric, ashwagandha, lemongrass and rosemary, as well as the naturally occurring terpene B-caryophyllene. Mint extracts add natural aroma and natural flavor.
Educating The User

The WellBeings packaging makes the the product accessible and builds consumer confidence, educating users about CBD and how to use the inhaler form factor. Clear, concise information and imagery communicate the ingredients, their properties, and the benefits of the inhaler format. Considered materials and finishes communicate the quality of the brand, and position the product in the premium market
WellBeings CBD Inhaler
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