I AIN'T A SKATEBOARDER FIRST OF ALL. I'm just inspired by the culture and the "free personality's" my skater buddies have. First time I thought of this I viewed the work of Anthony Dart... probably the most out "there" designers in South Africa... not to take away from the others. But I created this as I'm starting to hate my bank balance for buying all these templates... so from now on I'll make free one's. If you hate it, rather tell me what I must do right... If you love it, still tell me what I need to do right. I wan't to make this template as easy to use as possible but still have the ability to create "different versions! or more create you own mood with it.....  thanks to designEYEam for his work.... much luv dude

peace out _-H-_
download link = http://uploading.com/files/d945a137/HOSTILE%2BSKATE%2BTEMP.rar/ any problems with downloads let me know, will sort it out as soon as I can... let me finish my coffee first!!  OH AND READ MY MANIFESTO!!!