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    Images and copy to come. Wanted to get this on, adding more images shortly...
I am a beer drinker and am fortunate enough to live in an area where craft and micro breweries are experiencing rapid growth. Lucky me because some of the beers coming out of western Canada and the pacific north west U.S are fantastic.  
Not only are the beers great but so is the branding and packaging. As I have recently started producing private label designs for the wine industry, I wanted to produce some concepts for the craft beer market hopefully resulting in the opporutnity to do some real work in this industry. I have a passion for great branding and design, why not marry it with my passion for great beer!  
I love architecture as well and some of the great iconic buildings around the world are easily recognized.
I've always liked the the look of the Flat Iron designed buildings and their history in American architecture.
The name is also great. I thought it would make for a great design. This is still in the design process but I wanted to get these mockups up on my site to share and hopefully get some feedback.  There are still a few more items to come on this one......Cheers!