Sukkerbiten - Visual Identity
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    Visual Identity and packaging for Sukkerbiten
What: Visual profile for "Sukkerbiten" (the sugar cube), a restaurant,  bar and clubconcept in the seaport of Oslo.

: Sukkerbiten is placed in the centre of Bjørvika, where the old and new part of the city meet. I took inspiration from this and wanted to show this in the profile by mixing old traditional drawings and newer pixel-elements. Pixels remind me of sugar cubes in an indirect way, and represents the "new" very well. 
Handdrawn illustrations and pixel icon set
"Beeper" - telling you when the food is ready
For promotion of "sukkerbiten" we will do a stunt where 200 bottles, containing a map and brochure, will be set to sea, and placed around in the city. People will get a small prize for bringing the bottle to the bar.
Fish & chips is the restaurants spechialty, made of fresh fish from the Norwegian seas, and potatoes from a nearby farm. To enjoy at the restaurant, or as takeaway.