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万物所向 What We Wish
This Music Video is selected into 2020 best art direction advertising campaign and ranking no.1 in China's popular website. Won 2 X Silver Statues at 2020/2021 Clio Music Awards in the world / Film/Video & Film/Video Craft
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       What We Wish
          Times China Property to pursue the life we wish

Times China Property is one of the biggest real estate company in China. In 2019, the 20th anniversary of the brand, they expect to create a film to communicate with their consumers and increase the brand awareness.

The brand advocate of Times China Property is ‘To let people realize their wished life’, that is why we put forward the idea of ‘What We Wish’. There are always many beautiful wishes deeply inside every person’s mind, those wishes would drive people to work hard, live and love. Then how about a painting? A fish? If everything has its soul, we believe that everything has its wish.

We create a short music video called ‘What We Wish’ for everything in the world and its wishes. The wish of a goldfish yearns for the ocean, the wish of polar bear dream about the glaciers never melt,the wish of a robot wants to have a sleep, the wish of pregnant women hope that man could give birth to the baby, the wish of Albert Einstein that his hypothesis of black hole could be proved, the wish of an old lady that she could go back to the youth time, the wish of a mute girl that she could sing loudly……Through the singing of different people and things, the MV shows a vivid and various,absurd but interesting ‘wished world’,and expresses the Times China Property ’s brand attitude of ‘Chasing your dreamed life’.

The MV of ‘What We Wish’ was showed on the 20th Anniversary Concert of Times China, played on 100 meters large screen as the opening film,highly rated by 20,000 live audiences and famous singers (Pu Shu, Wang Feng, Stefanie Sun, Fish Leong, Liang Bo, etc.) presented in the concert. Over 5 million counts of views on China’s social media after the MV released.
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时代中国的品牌主张是‘让人们实现向往的生活’, 因此我们延伸出‘万物所向’的概念。每个人在内心深处都藏着许多美好的念头,它们驱使人们去努力、去生活、去爱。那么,一幅画呢?一条鱼呢?如果万物皆有灵,那么我们相信,万物也会有自己的渴望。


‘万物所向’ MV出街后在中国社交媒体上获得了500多万次的播放量,并作为开场影片,在时代中国20周年群星演唱会100米的大屏上亮相。现场2万名观众及众多知名歌手(朴树、汪峰、孙燕姿、梁静茹、梁博等)对影片给予了高度评价。最终,品牌知名度提升52%。


Client: Times China Property 
Creative Company:The Nine Shanghai
Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jody Xiong
Art Director: Jody Xiong
Copywriter: Candy Chen  
Director: Cheng Tianxiao
Animated Director: Jody Xiong / Joo Teoh
Photographer: Jinli Yao
Music: Syn Music.
Production House: Ji Qian film
万物所向 What We Wish

万物所向 What We Wish