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"Baku Design City" City branding identity

      The capital of Azerbaijan is a city that meets the wonders of the past. From ancient temples to breathtaking skyscrapers, Wind City is full of dates waiting to be explored. Baku was named UNESCO's "creative city of design.
"We combine the logo of the city with its national values, historical patterns, and the nature of the city.
Among the oldest examples of fine arts in Azerbaijan are pottery, decorative ornaments decorating stone and metal products. The pottery and glassware have been specially decorated and have their own unique style. At the same time, traces of carpet weaving in the 4th and 3rd centuries BC have shown their mark on Azerbaijani lands. The carpet united our people, and they instilled a sense of collectivity, mutual support and friendship. The carpet reflected the nature of the relief, the culture, occupation, and vision of the people. Inspired by this, I created a collection of icons that can be reproduced from geometric forms and easily adapted to any form by combining the "nature" of the capital, "known places", and important "communication symbols" to help navigate the logo. Each of these icons can be turned into a pattern by repeating them separately. Recalling the icons in a pattern or collection form is intended to enhance the identity of the style. Because embroidery is an art form that our nation has been accustomed to through history, this identification has been chosen as the most convenient way for the brand to communicate easily, to be recognized and to be remembered.

      Swiss style. The visual characteristics of this style are the visual association acquired by an asymmetric organization in a mathematically constructed network; a type that provides accurate and factual information free from objective photography and advertising and commercial advertising. The social philosophy behind this design movement rejects personal expression and eccentric solutions and applies a scientific approach to design. In this philosophy, the designer defines the role of an artist as an objective channel for transmitting messages across different parts of society rather than as artists. Ideal for achieving objective clarity and discipline. Amidst a wave of Swiss design popularity, Helvetica soon emerged in corporate logos, transport system icons, fine art works, and numerous other uses. One of the first countries to come to mind when writing is Switzerland. The purpose of choosing the Swis721 typeface, which is more dynamic and functional, which retains the main style of Helvetica, is easier adaptation and dynamic. Swis721 is a version of Helvetica released by Bitstream in 1982. The family is available in seven types of adaptive italics, as well as condensed and expanded.

      Baku is not only a city with deep history and values, but also with its modernity and development. I think it is expedient to have a dynamic logo in a style that is true to the values ​​of a modern city, and thank you for following my thoughts. Mehman Mammadov.

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"Baku Design City" City branding identity


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"Baku Design City" City branding identity

"Baku Design City" city branding, pictogram identity. Baku is not only a city with deep history and values, but also with its modernity and deve Read More