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    Album cover art for the Inbreeding Rednecks and their new album, Abnormal Life Portrayed.
In 2010, I moved to Seattle to work and live in a hostel.  Some of the first friends I made while working there were some Danish backpackers who happened to be death-metallers, Inbreeding Rednecks.  Our mutual enthusiasm for brutal vocals and pummeling riffs made us quick friends.  At the time, it was just a fun idea to kick around the idea of me contributing artwork to their future album.  A year later, when I visited them in their hometown, we decided to turn that idea into a reality.
initial concepts
final cover art
interior pgs 02-03
interior pgs 04-05
interior pgs 06-07
interior pgs 08-09
interior pgs 10-11
Featured on Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art! (link)
Also included in Spectrum 21 (Flesk Publications, November 2014, link)
Abnormal Life Portrayed can be found on iTunes (link)
process video