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Tiger Beer’s global initiative to foster dialogue between East and West and create a global platform for artists to showcase their work, inviting the best emerging artists to represent 12 countries. The theme for this year will be NEON and I've been invited to represent Portugal.
Being a piece about modern Asian cities I've created an image full of visuals that express the mood and personality of such mesmerizing places, one of the characteristics that I love most about Asian cities is how the modern is blended with the traditional, that mixture of neon lights and traditional elements was my main source of inspiration for this piece.
Piece made for art collective Depthcore's 'ECHOES' exhibition.
An image about Jazz, the objective with this piece, just like many others of mine, was to create a detailed illustration using typography and blending it with other elements, resulting on this exuberant brass instrument made of letters and elements from different Jazz instruments.
Kult is a small scale independent magazine from Singapore that is distributed for free in Asia.
Featuring a different theme in each issue, they asked me to illustrate the phrase “Large doses of coffee can be lethal” for their latest issue, themed “Food”, where fun facts about food are visualized by guest artists.
Digital Abstracts asked me to create a King of Hearts cards to be part of their Creative Cards deck, along with 53 other invited artists.
Cinema 4D / Photoshop tutorial created for PSD Tuts, you can read the whole tutorial at the PSD Tuts website, enjoy!
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