Typographic Project
DIN - A linotype Production
Although simple in its concept and requirements, the brief set for this project had a large amount of potential and required refinement of techniques in order for my outcomes to have been successful. The given typeface was DIN out of a selection avaliable. The starting point for which, research into and experimentation of was essential in order for me to understand and be able to develop any work I was to do using DIN for poster design, and later packaging design.

The audience for which this project was aimed at was designers, although broad in it’s scope, I was at an advantage because as I learn about the course and aspects of graphic design, I can and was able begin to emulate those who will eventually become my peers.

Using my demographic as a point of interest, research and experimentation from my workbook, I planned to produce a promotional poster and CD cover design/CD design for my given font DIN. I had hoped that not only it would provide me with good work practices within a creative environment but in addition to the outcomes required for the project, I was also to experience and gain understanding of the course strand, which determined my degree specification later in the year.

I began working with type and the ways in which it can form both forms and shapes, using experimentation, I was able to create the following works and outcomes according to development and learning skills that could be used.