She will get you wet!

A few months ago we did an illustration for a bunch of girls who were about to participate in the annual russefeiring.
"The russefeiring ("russ celebration") is a traditional celebration for Norwegian high school students in their final spring semester. Students that take part in the celebrations are known as Russ. The russefeiring traditionally starts on 1 May and ends on the 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution Day". Participants wear coloured overalls, drive matching cars, vans and buses, and celebrate almost continually during this period. Drunkenness, and public disturbances are regularly linked to the celebration."
The girls wanted us to play on the wordplay Call of Nudity, and the idea ended up as a sexy army girl armed with a supersoaker (the Russ's weapon of choice).
We got Lasse's girlfriend who happens to be an illustrator and tattoo artist at Tro, Håp & Kjærlighet in Oslo to draw us a very quick sketch of our idea so we had something to work from.