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Promotional Type Booklet
Promotional Type Specimen Booklet Design
This Specimen book is about "Clarendon" Typeface designed by slab-serif created in the 1830s by Robert Besley. A version was made into a wood typeface and was reworked in metal by the Monotype Corporation foundry in 1935. I created this project to build curiosity for a viewer to discover about a Clarendon typeface. The book aims to know about the Designer's history, type variation, recreation for digital use, and the different types of Clarendon typeface designed by new type designers.

 International Design Award IDA 2020   |   Honorable Mention in the Print-Catalogs
London International Creative Competition LICC 2020   |   Official Selection in Illustrate (Graphic)
Creative Communication Award C2A 2021   |   Student Winner in Typefaces/ Typography
Creative Communication Award C2A 2021   |   Student Winner in Other Books

Savannah College of Art and Design
Instructor Peter Wong   |   Winter 2020​​​​​​​

Promotional Type Booklet
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Sonali Mestri