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Artkive Website Redesign


ArtKive turns kids' art into keepsakes such as books and framed mosaics but their two-part ordering process confused buyers. 

I led the redesign project with goals to provide clarity on the order process and increase sales for their book & mosaic products.
Redesign Goals

I conducted a 2-day UX Strategy workshop with Artkive to align on business goals, the target persona, site structure, and brand direction.
GOAL #1: Increase the number of purchases for books

Before ArtKive creates your book, they require you to purchase an “ArtKive Box” which you fill with your art and send back. The problem is that they were selling a ton of Artkive Boxes (see image below), but only 20% of customers would follow through on a book purchase.

GOAL #2: Attract a more affluent customer with a new brand identity

Artkive wanted a website that reflected the high quality of their products and services in order to attract a more affluent audience. Together, we created an ideal target proto-persona: Wellness-minded and very organized mothers in a 250k household.
Visual Rebrand

Our stakeholders wanted their new website to feel premium, trustworthy, and creative.  We created 3 designs to do concept testing with our target audience. A majority of users preferred the middle option. (See below) 
Current Website Hypothesis

From my analysis of the current site experience, my hypotheses were:

1) Many customers were confused by the 2-step purchase (first shipping kit, then purchase book in the future) 

2) Customers did not understand the value of ArtKive’s keepsakes

I aimed to test out my hypothesis and understand how the target persona feels about Artkive's brand, products, and shipping processes through user testing. 
How might we build user trust?

I test the current site with 7 users who met our target user requirements. 

Results from test with current site:

50% of test participants said they trusted the current site.
Using Insights in Redesign

I incorporated trust signals inspired by the brands testers explicitly said they trusted during the interviews. 

Results from the test with my redesign:

90% of test participants said they trusted the redesign.
Demystifying the Artkive purchase process

Results from test with current site:

20% of test participants understood the shipping kit process and how pricing works on the current site.
In the redesign, I addressed the confusion around the ordering process.

Results from test with my redesign:

100% of testers that understood the process and pricing.
 “In my personal experience Elizé delivers user centric, elegant designs based on research, data and great instincts. I cannot overstate the gains of working with someone as collaborative and thoughtful as her.”

-Adam, CTO @Artkive
Artkive Website Redesign

Artkive Website Redesign


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