Lego The Lord of the Rings
Teaser Art and Sell Sheet
Here is yet another fun Lego franchise project from last year.  This was made into a banner for the 2012 E3 show.  Concepts to final color. 
There were several different comps generated for this sell sheet, and this was the one in favor of having Frodo in the foreground.   I then provided different Frodo mood options for my client to choose from before going to color.
Billboards & Posters Etc...
Fellowship of the ring piece was used for a billboard.
Where there are heroes there will be villains.
Key Art, DLC, etc
This is my original version of the key art.  The final packaging background sky was replaced with a red theme clouds.  Gollum expression was also updated later where he is more looking at the view and happier.  Comment from the higher up was that he looks too evil in this version and might freak the kids out.  To me, he just looked like he wants to eat his fish.
Precious is more important than a full stomach.  Single character poses and DLC elements.
Saruman piece was completed but was actually not used for the DLC card.  It was replaced last minute with Merry and Pippin taken from the billboard pose.  Just needed some tweaks to their gestures and lighting to work with the cake.
Magazine Cover