Beaded Kind (2019)

This is a fashion accessory brand from Kenya, offering a classic but innovative range of handcrafted beaded and leather goods.

Beaded Kind is very passionate about quality. Each piece is handmade, from the finest materials and with a refined sense of contemporary aesthetics. This high level of workmanship has honed over the years and passed down to a new generation of artisans.

Estimated project duration: 3 months
Actual duration: 14 months! 

Services Offered: 
Product development Strategy
Brand Strategy and Dev
Product Design and Packaging
Photography (product shots and lifestyle images ) 
Online Catalog Design*

1. The plan

We started by analysing your supply chain, the business environment, and consumer value. 

Business Model Workshop
Mapping your business model
Understanding the market environment
Finding your unique value (how do you compete?)
Assessing business model quality?
Can we improve the model?
What are the risks and challenges of the business sustainability?
Lessons learnt during this phase: 
We started the project with a watch brand in mind, but quickly realised the advantages of being a beading accessory brand. Platforms for application are limitless! 

2. Brand and Identity
Once we had the right strategic plan, This is about image, storytelling and positioning. Giving the image/experience a persona. One that consumers can connect with.

Value Proposition Workshop
Map your Value Proposition - Can you clearly explain your brand and product?
Check for Fit - Why would customers care about your product?
Assess the Competition - Compare yourself!
Improve your idea - what should we change and why?
Test and De-risk the plan - Avoid setting yourself up for costly failure.

a. Brand Context
The beadwork is done by women's group from the Samburu community in Kenya.

b. Story and Style Mood board

c. The Beaded Kind Logo and Guidelines​​​​​​​
We created a brand identity, to link our beaded narratives to the right consumer tribes

3. Packaging and Prototyping

Output:  Launch series, die cut layouts, content development, packaging material sampling and QA testing.

Photography by: Paul Otieno

a. Product Design - First Edition Beading patterns for the Apple watch leather straps

b. Packaging Design & Prototyping
Lessons learnt: Developing packaging as you define the product specs, wastes energy. 
We now know better.

4. Digital Communication Resources

Product Application and Lifestyle Photography: Paul Otieno 
check out his profile here:

a. Output: Advertisements, Catalog, Social Media & Website

Product Catalog Concept
We designed a Catalog with style, size, color and price sensitive product attributes. 

We then decided to add a payment function to the catalog :)

Beaded Kind

Beaded Kind

Made from the finest materials and with a refined sense of contemporary aesthetics. Beaded Kind offer a classic but innovative range of handcraft Read More


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