Aprenda mais sobre Tipografia 1 - Serif Infographic

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        Printi is the first Web2Print Printer in Brazil.
        As a Startup, the enterprise image is linked to
        innovation, sophistication and pioneering. 
        Printi produces a series of contents
        to designers and students looking to 
        promote learning and reinvent the relationship
        between Printer and the Client\ Designer.
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         Enjoy it
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    <p><a href="http://www.printi.com.br/blog/aprenda-mais-sobre-tipografia-serifas-infografico" ><img src="http://www.printi.com.br/sites/default/files/TPC1_infografico1.png" alt="Tipografia Serifa"></a><br />Fonte: <a href="http://www.printi.com.br/blog/aprenda-mais-sobre-tipografia-serifas-infografico" >Printi</a></p>
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