The creation of an all-cgi advertising film by using real-time tools has been an unprecedented experience. It's hard to go back after realizing what's possible".

Several  R&D projects started by WE ARE HAPPY in 2017, and following experimentations and tech demos realized, pushed us to realize the new film on Lamborghini URUS adaptive security systems with a completely new CGI pipeline and trough a revolutionary process for digital film-making.

Entirely made in Unreal Engine UE4, and with a team of artists and designers solidly supported by a team of developers, the film was produced in real-time, in six weeks and with an extraordinary level of efficiency.
We knew that this entirely new approach, based on the use of a real-time platform customized for our creative and production needs, would let us optimize time, efforts and costs, and manage the reworking phases with a new and formidable effectiveness, without ever renouncing to the highest quality possible.
We knew that this workflow would enable us to create digital assets and materials which are flexible over time and ready for future production, more and more oriented to interactivity and immersivity.

WE ARE HAPPY has produced the film on the adaptive security systems of Lamborghini URUS using real-time tools to be the first to experiment in these fields, to define its future pipeline, to win a competitive lead in the world of new-generation digital image production and thus, meet the opportunities of an industry that is ever closer to facing a total revolution.
Real or Unreal?
glad to show the montage of the best in class automotive projects of 2019 selected by Epic Games.
WE ARE HAPPY - connecting dots -is the unique Italian agency presented here at Build Munich, among world’s best studios and content creators with Unreal Engine.

CREDIT (We Are Happy)
Creative Tech Director: Mauro Mastronicola
Director: Frankie Caradonna
Unreal Engine Technical Lead: Giovanni Visai    
3D Artist Motion Design: Pierpaolo Mantuano
3D Light Artist: Gianni Garaguso  
3D Artist and Texture Artist: Luca Giamattei 
Developer: Matteo Testa
Head of Production: Daniela Robba
DI Colorist: Diego La Rosa 
Sound Designer: Michele Benedetti @Gigasound, Marco Mantuano
Music: Antigone Falling by X-Rights 
LAMBORGHINI - Urus in Pills: Smart Life Style

LAMBORGHINI - Urus in Pills: Smart Life Style