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    Transcreations of Hooters work for the hispanic demographic
We worked very closely with Hooters marketing team assuring the right positioning of the brand in the Hispanic community. We "trans-created" their campaigns instead of simply translating them, making sure that messages were culturally relevant to this target audience. We introduced the brand on a national level creating awareness not only of the restaurant but also the world famous Hooters girls. Hooters is positioned as a family-friendly restaurant where you can have a great time and watch all your favorite sport games. In order to relay this to the new audience, we created a new tagline as “Sponsor oficial de tu pasión por el deporte” (Official sponsor of your passion for sports). Also, Hooters partnered with national Hispanic media promoting the different games and weekly promotions they have to offer. Besides creating a new Spanish communications campaign, we have translated the Hooters menu, designed in store collateral materials and sponsored major Hispanic events and Soccer tournaments across the USA.
Headline: "Mastering English is very important. Wednesday you can also say WIngsday"
Headline: Putting the emotion of soccer into excitement.
Headline: Putting the emotion of soccer into excitement.
Headline: All you can eat boneless wings