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Abduction of the last rider

This project was taken up to showcase some exciting abilities of Fresco, with it's Live Oil brushes and how it works with Images. 

A concept Art - 'Abduction of the last rider' shows a setup of a world in distant past with a section of natural canyons in the wild, with a man riding his horse, foraging for maybe wood and food. In the background you can see a dystopian city built with help from extraterrestrials. An amusing era where both past and future exists together. 

The rider is being abducted - symbolises a quick, uncontrolled transformation that future has on past. As technologies emerge, we give in smoothly or it takes over swiftly.   
A quick sketch of the scene
Importing pictures that set the mood right, masking and morphing them into the scene as close to the imagination as possible.
Live paints work with images (Pixels) and blend the colour information smoothly
A small tutorial step on pixel brush and masking
Final artwork on Fresco
Final Artwork with Lens Blur on Photoshop
Abduction of the last rider

Abduction of the last rider

Concept Art made on Adobe Fresco with it's amazing set of live Brushes, Oil brushes simulation.