»At that moment at the latest, the inner voice of each newcomer begins to doubt whether he or she is really insensitive enough to so little light and so much gloom.«

Photographer and architect Isabelle Bacher has always felt drawn to the far north. Being half Norwegian, she inherits the fascination for the regions around the polar circle. Her works play with light and shadow: daylight, moonlight, arctic light and the dancing Northern Lights. A symbiosis of sky, rock and water conveys an intense aesthetic. Out of untouched landscapes, harsh living conditions and inhospitable weather, she has created highly poetic pictures.

For the coffee-table book »Im Norden« (»In the North«) by Terra Mater Books by Benevento Publishing, we developed an intentionally reduced page structure, which offers sufficient space for the pictures. Scenic parallels are displayed or deliberately broken. The publication portrays different regions far north and creates for the viewer and reader a harmonious narrative arc of text and pictures. The captions consist of the GPS data of the pictures, documenting the exact date, time and place, while personal accounts by Isabelle Bacher are placed next to outstanding features of landscape.

In the North