A different type of Naturalist Illustration
What you see below are some artworks from this ongoing project
Nature illustration is usually understood as art with a scientific or botanical purpose or even a poetical rendering, often to capture or describe the world as we see it, its beauty and majesty, often to draw attention to its vulnerability or simply to picture one's love for Nature.

This work I am striving to develop is an attempt in a different but not less significant direction. Employing a mix of techniques, both traditional and digital, this form of art is what I call art for a New Naturalist Awareness, to inspire a vision that can take us beyond matter to investigate, educate and promote a more wholesome tuning into the Intelligence in Nature through original art and text.

It should not be confused with new age or fantasy/mystical endeavors as it aims at blending the best of spiritual science, age-old world knowledge and modern aesthetics towards a new and deeper appreciation of ecology and our role on this Earth.

A new world paradigm is surfacing with the help of modern quantum physics confirmations and findings and this is an attempt of how we can contribute with a new form of naturalist awareness art.

There's a lot more, but I will let you browse the art and reach your own conclusions as to its meaning. All feedback and support is appreciated! Contact for developing projects along
these lines are encouraged.

Thank you for your interest - there's more to be found at my bilingual website: www.idstudio.art.br
Este é um trabalho diferente de Ilustração Naturalista que venho desenvolvendo em meu estúdio.
Ele pretende inspirar e educar uma nova apreciação da Natureza que chamo de Nova Consciência Naturalista. É um modelo de ecologia mais profunda, onde o que está nos bastidores da realidade física é o que mais importa perceber e conhecer para uma nova e mais profunda forma de Educação Ambiental que possua um Valor de Permanência e maior relevância.

Contatos: (11) 4268-0685 e contato@idstudio.art.br | iDStudio
This work is also being developed for children as a special project.
Este trabalho está sendo desenvolvido também para crianças como um projeto especial.
Conheça o texto que está sendo escrito que fundamenta este trabalho: Link