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    Descriptions of the unique sounds in Singapore.
This is part of my final year project in Lasalle.

Introduction to the project
My project is call Sonicisual, which consist of the audio visualizations of our sonic environment. As Singapore is considered to be a fast paced society, How many times do we actually stop and listen to our surrounding sounds? Besides, we are more of a visual-based society rather than an auditory-based society, and thus we remember landmarks more than soundmarks. However, sound plays an important part to how we experience our surroundings. It creates a characteristic to the place itself. And the most important part is, it gives us the ability to imagine. My project is not about solving a problem, but to create an experience to Singaporeans, by compromising our sense of sight and hearing to experience our country in a fuller perspective and its complexities. And thus, instead of seeing a country, we hear our country as well.
This book consist of the audio descriptions of the different unique places in Singapore, as well as photographs taken during audio recording. This is to allow my target audience to view the photographs and descriptions while seeing the transparencies and listening to the audio. In this way, they will be able to compromise the senses to provide a better experience.