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    Heineken. Finding the ticket rally idea.
The Solution. 
Delivering the ticket to a celebrity soccer that is recognized and loved around the world, hide them both in a place nobody knows, adds a 24-hour timer with countdown, a live camera and releasingclues to find it or simply hidingthe ticket in a place that nobody knows in a false Heineken bottle.
The video of the soccer super star an the campaign begins like a teaser.
Two days before the challenge is revealed, our change in seconds showing OOH mechanics while being videotaped
Also, the people who are not immersed in the game can also follow the live transmission of the player through the microsite, the fan page or messages in twitter.
Should not be a star, there will be a hidden camera waiting for the moment when the ticket is found.
Surreal perception. 
Road to the Final App immerses us in the world through multi dimensional riddles and transforms moments in answers. Depending on the answer that we get, we are required to comply with certain specific circumstances: Scan a billboard, wait some time, interact with a real or virtual person, etc.
The app uses perception as other applications such as Inception style or Papa Sangre playing with the senses and interpretation, where you scan anything to find something to live in another reality, an alternate reality that can not be seen by anyone and that takes us to the final of the UCL.
Through the APP can see the challenges, the clues, know how many enigmas have been deciphered and join to Facebook Connect. The App also register each of their checkpoints when the rally game starts.
On reaching the start date the first challenge in mobile screen appears. What do you need?
Easy, resolve every question, go the place, find the Heineken icon and receive other enigma. At the end collect all the tokens in a rally, complete a virtual six pack and deliver to Soccer Star, If you’re the first, you win.
When a participant reaches the secret place your app fill a virtual beer by approximation Bluetooth, so you know you are in the right place. Now, find the Heineken icon, could be a person, a place, or a virtual clue and scan!
The first icon is obvious as an aide Heineken.
The puzzles increase in complexity of the challenge gradually as progress, complicating the resolution of the challenges to filter the number of participants and reduce the number of players.
The final test is the most difficult challenge that will allow only one player is the winner. All locations have hidden cameras to viddy uncertainty and all the reactions of the players.
Enigma: One GREEN ICON, five colored rings, thousands of cougars in a tartan track. 
SOLUTION. Players must locate Heineken Host of that location (Olympic Stadium Mexico 68), approach him or her and provide . Using the “Bump technology” lets take Heineken and cheers! for reveal the next clue when the beer disappear. At the end, receive a first virtual Heineken can to complete the six pack
Challenge 2.THE TOTEM.
Enigma: In teh square ANDARITA FLUTE rises the GREEN TOTEM, looking through the glass to reveal the truth.
SOLUTION: Using a camera phone on a Heineken billboard in Antara square to see the animation in augmented reality and reveal the next challenge . Heineken cans are reduced to eliminate the last participants to arrive
Challenge 3. THE SIGNAL.
SOLUTION: 2 buildings must be aligned to form a QR code that can only be read being located at a certain point of view to decipher the code . After that, the next question will be revealed. The code is active only some time to filter more participants.
Challenge 4. THE BEAT.
SOLUTION: Participants must find Heineken DJ booth and wait for the DJ mix champions league anthem and scan it, only then will unlock the next challenge . The hymn is heard only once and those arriving after removing them will be notified. 
Challenge 5. THE STAR.
ENIGMA: Born in AMSTERDAM, the Heineken RED STAR celebrates 140 YEARS in 2013.
SOLUTION: Find the red star (a tiny graphic) along Amsterdam street, once there waiting until 20:13 hours, scanning the star and unlock the next puzzle. The answer is only active at 20:13, not before or after.
ENIGMA: Every road comes to an END has a BEGINNING, where the fate of all men will look back STEP by STEP and return to the source to say thanks for their rewards in life.
SOLUTION: Return to the Olympic Stadium, where the ticket was always hidden in a box seat at the stadium awaits a final riddle with our aide, a code of 6 spaces will only be visible through the App may try combinations of numbers from 1 to 6 in order or in disorder, but the real answer is to say THANKS phone microphone, with this unlock the last Heineken can (only one for the first person that decipher the code), show the six Heineken cans to aide to open the door where the ticket waiting.
Finally the last participant find the player with the ticket (or only the ticket in a bottle) to attend the final of the UCL behind a door of a bar in an alley in a remote or unexpected and claim the prize. At the time the ticket is issued, a group of actors willing to celebrate the triumph dramatically with the successful winner. Helicopters, actors and all the unexpected success at the end while the runner provides your virtual six pack Heineken, six pack delivers the soccer super star and claim your prize between cheers and Champions League glorious hymn resonates in the stadium.
In the end, the result is to show that people who consume Heineken open a world of possibilities, that thinking differently, study situations, seek answers and act not only innate qualities, are generated by them. They seek to be better than your past self, because they want and deserve to become real men, a man of the world.