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    My entry for a live brief set by global design consultancy FITCH - Transform the face of the British high street: Develop a concept that will fil… Read More
    My entry for a live brief set by global design consultancy FITCH - Transform the face of the British high street: Develop a concept that will fill one or many empty units on the high street, create a unique space that will bring people to our high streets. UPDATE: Upon presenting the concept at the FITCH offices in London I have been shortlisted and awarded a months placement for summer 2013. Read Less
A place to escape from the gritty city life.  
An indoor park area offering a full censory experience of a summers day allowing the visiter to free their mind, collect their thoughts and escape. The weather conditions inside the shop will be opposite to that outside, giving a refreshing experience in a stressful city.
About the experience:
We offer an escape, an escape from the rat race, the bustling streets, and simply, the weather. We do this by providing a full sensory experience of a weather climate opposite to that outside, for example on a classic British winters day our shop offers a park area with a cool breeze in a hot climate, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of birds singing. Also to enhance this escapism experience we have panoramic webcams live streaming all over the world in beautiful locations, ready to be projected onto all four walls of the shop, allowing you to truly experience some beautiful sights and sounds. Just think, one day you could be in sunny California an the next you could be in beautiful Barcelona.
It's In The Detail:
The wind blowing wont be a constant aircon like breeze, it will change in strength and volume during your stay emulating the real element. The sun shining through the ceiling will mean the painted ceiling will have one brighter patch emulating a real life sky, it will also dim in areas and become hotter and cooler in others emulating the sun travelling past the clouds, these small details will ensure your escape from the city. 
Eco advertisements:
These advertisements shown below on the left would be painted/drawn into the concrete with wax. On a clear, dry day it would be invisible but when it rains the water would avoid the waxed areas revealing my message (sun is shining weather is sweet). these would be dotted around the city on surrounding high streets and popular areas.  The advertisement shown below in the grass would accompany the wax paintings, and would apear in run down park areas shaved or dug into the grass/mud. The grass is always greener at happyplace:.
Bus shelter ad:
This more elaborate piece of guerilla advertising, shown below, would appear at selected bus stops around the city. The idea of this is to give a taster of our shop with the use of a the picnic bench and umbrella, the underside of the umbrella would show a summers sky, and the text on the bench would read, ‘all you need now is the weather’... at happy place: we can offer this.  
During the summer months I would simply get rid of the umbrella so that no shade is given, I would also change the copy on the bench to “cant handle the heat?”.
Alternative bus shelter ad:
This piece of advertising below would appear at bus stations that already have shelters installed, leaving no room for the picnic bench ads.  The image below this shows what would be printed on the ceiling of the bus shelter, there will also be a park bench installed inside the shelter to add a subtle hint to the park aesthetic.  
Inside the bus:
To further reinforce these advertisements appearing at bus stations and around the city, there will be these guerrilla ads appearing inside the bus as well (below). The idea behind this is again to simply give a subtle hint towards summer and the park environment. I have done this by making all of the bars to hold onto look like tree branches or vines, they will also have the same texture, something that will really set the viewers mind wondering nostalgically to previous summers at the park.
Workplace mailer:
This piece of packaging would be sent away to workplaces surrounding the happyplace: shops. It is there to provoke a reaction, after all why would you want to be sent sun lotion when its at the peak of winter?! After curiosity gets the better of you and you open the packaging (to see if this is some kind of joke) it reveals a pair of sunglasses in a pull out tray, with a tag attached that reads “You’ll be needing these...” followed by the happyplace:London logo. The viewer will be curious as to why you would ever need these items during the peak of winter, it would also conjure up memories from the past summers with these simple symbols of summer. With all this in mind the happyplace:London logo will be revealed once the package is fully opened to reassure the viewer that this isn’t a travel agent advertisement saying that you’ll be needing these on holiday... it is something you’ll be needing in the city you work, not far from your office.
This is the same concept to the winter mailer, except replacing the sunglasses and suncream will be tea and gloves, once again with the same copy “you’ll be needing these”. Who would want to wear woolly gloves in summer?! At happyplace: you will.   
Once all of these advertisements have taken effect, the viewers only option to find out more about the shop (other that visiting it) is to Google it. Once 'Googled' this site below will pop up with the first red page as its home. The website will be kept very inconspicuous not giving away too much information, meaning the only option the viewer has to find out more, it to visit the shop. 
A few select pages from my sixty page brand guidlines book.