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    Rupee Fail in Illustration
Summer of 2013, the value of Indian Rupee { INR } reached its all time low against Dollar. Thinking about the current situation in India, the largest democracy in the world, where people are for political parties and political parties not for the people, the politics is a crucial factor determining the stability and growth of the nation.
When I first heard the news about the sinking Rupee, the image that came to me is the famous Twitter's Fail Whale. But with a difference, I wanted to link the plunging value of Rupee to the politics which is playing with the future of the great nation.
Created vector symbols of some of the prominent Indian Political Parties at the National Level.
Then created the Rupee sign, which is our sinking whale.
And this is the final illustration depicting the sinking Rupee and the Political Parties trying to make the situation under control.
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