The Do Lab approached us about designing the iOS app for their annual musc & art festival Lightning in a Bottle. We installed many other festival apps to evaluate the competition, and immediately saw an opportunity to innovate. Festival apps typically include a map and setlist, each with minimal interactivity; they are essentially a glorified digital brochure. We sought to create an application that would take advantage of all the medium has to offer.
July 11-15 | 2013

Covering the Basics: Schedule View & Map View
Minimal social integration
We believe that social features should not detract from the real-world experience of Lightning in a Bottle. To keep the application simple and easy to use, we stuck to using the iOS contacts as the primary way of finding your friends on the app.

Look & Feel

Lightning in a Bottle already has a defined brand, visual style, and color palette. The LIB style makes heavy use of textures and earth tones, but the Do Lab was looking for a cleaner app experience. To balance these two styles, we created a visual style that balances clean and modern elements with natural textures and earthtones.

Our base color palette is a slightly warm scale, meaning every user interface element feels warmer and earthier. We also included subtle paper and woodgrain textures throughout the app. The map features many of the same colors used in the interface, with a variety of textures applied.