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    Interactive map of conflicts between Russian celebrity Internet bloggers.
Snob malice sphere
Interactive map of internet conflicts
November 2009
Client: "Snob" magazine
Snob is one of the most authoritative russian magazines It's serves as a web resource and community both off- and online, where Russian-speaking intellectuals from all over the world keep in touch and share their thoughts and ideas. Access is limited to club members or subscribers.

Task: To create an interactive map of conflicts between Russian celebrity Internet bloggers.

In November 2009, Snob published "Battlefield", an article dedicated to celebrity-bloggers' conflicts. Among the main observations, it has been mentioned that celebrities allow themselves to act more provocative on the Internet than in real life, which causes many public conflicts. Snob decided to invent an infographic map that would help readers find connections between celebrity online tiffs. Snob asked us to create this map that would show how stories correlate with each other and how they resonated in on- and offline life. 

The project's scarce input data included only several numbers of conflicts, without exact details on personalities, relations, etc., so we were required to develop not only design solutions, but all of the content for the project as well, including monitoring and analysis of the facts.
The map illustrates circles of different visual weighting for each personality, marked with conflict points at the intersection of the circles. The "circles" visualize the blogger's authority index, as per Yandex blogs chart.
The map shows not only tiffs but also personal relationships between participants such as friendships, co-workers and lovers. Thanks to these secondary links, all tiffs converge into the single network.
Each conflict has a unique pattern created on the basis of the plot: who made the post, how much attention it attracted, whether it was beyond the bounds of decency or caused troubles offline.
The map contains information about every incident: the course of the event, resume for each post and most acute quotes, accompanied with data to assess the scope of "the tragedy".
Posts that followed the conflict in the rest of the blogosphere can be found on a separate map layer. These facts illustrate how strongly public opinion has been stimulated.
Art director: me
Designers: Luca Masud, me
Illustrations: Alexey Malina
Collecting data: Eugenia Barkanova, Vladimir Barkanov, Anastasia Azarenok, Artur Bersirov
Flash programming: Pavel Telitchenko