Freelance designer
One of the hardest jobs is designing for yourself. The dreaded open brief, never satisfied, never really complete! But as my art teacher used to say 'it doesn't need to be finished to be finished'. To know when to put down the brush/pen/mouse. So Kumquat Design is a project that will forever be in a constant state of evolution. I was a really nice client to work with, what with the perpetual deadlines, IV drip of tea and never ending supply of biscuits! 

Small but perfectly formed
Being out of an agency situation for the first time due to the 'financial climate' I found myself facing the age old dilema, do I try to find another comfortable position with a nice monthly salary or do I fly by the seat of my pants and go it alone? So here I am. I wanted to promote the fact that I am an agency experienced designer offering a personal service to clients. I always wanted a Persian cat, who would be called Kumquat, I am allergic to cats, and so Kumquat Design was born. 

Kumquat, a fully formed orange in miniature.