2008 Demo Reel

Moby music video
After Effet FX: Created city, installed characters, created trajectory path
TV ad for the french magazine, Maison
After Effects
Identity segment for France 2, one of the biggest french TV channels
After Effects: the layers are controlled by several expressions
Loop animation for Channel website (offline)
After Effects
Open titles for swiss tv program, Les Feux Sacres
After Effects / Trapcodes plugins
Concept ad for the German railroad company, DB
C4D / After Effects
Opening titles for France Televisions' annual press conference
After Effects
Ad for Equidia, french horse and racing cable channel
After Effects / Trapcode plugins
Opening titles for french cable program, Plus Pres des Etoiles
After Effects
Opening titles for a motion graphic TV program, Slash, featured on Arte
After Effects
Visual effects applied to an interview for Slash, motion graphic tv program
Java, ASCII, After Effects
Animation for SFR, a french mobile phone carrier
After effects
Opening titles for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
After Effects / Trapcode plugins
Director, short  film "Private Collection" 
After Effects
Demo Reel