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    Brand Identity redesign for Times Internet Limited.
                        Corporate Brand Identity
           Times Internet, the largest Indian Internet Network,
            is the digital venture of Times of India Group,
            India's largest media and entertainment group.
            This is a redesign of their corporate identity, a
of the brand in the global Indian
            internet space. 
The focal point of the new brand identity is a deconstruction of what is essentially one of the most
fundamental aspects of the internet. The URL
The internet URL space in the address bar of your browser is the starting point of any and every internet journey. The first wave of any internet surf. The origin point of creativity, business, commerce and everything in between. To put it simple everthing in between those // slashes. 
Taking the familiar / / opening and closing slashes, forms the basis of the new Times internet Branding
/ Stationary Elements /
/ Thank you /