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Macmillan Education IWB

Macmillan Education Interactive Whiteboard

Designed to be completely platform-independent, works with any make of Interactive Whiteboard. It can even be used with a simple laptop and projector combination. All of the special tools for interacting with the content are built directly into the software. In addition it works on both Windows and Mac computers as well as any screens including mobile.

The Student’s Book page is visible on screen, allowing to combine traditional book-based learning with the unique multimedia possibilities of an Interactive Whiteboard. Vector-based image technology allows you to zoom in to content on-screen. You can either tap on any pre-defined area of a page, or simply draw a box around a specific area to zoom in. All of the audio and video content you need to teach a unit page is instantly accessible.

The instantly accessible Teacher Management area provides a powerful set of tools that allow you to build custom presentations easily, or you could just adapt the provided game templates to suit your needs. Clear navigation provides quick and easy access to pages in the Digital Book, to the teacher’s area, to extra resources and to help screens.
The comprehensive supplied training material helps you to get up to speed quickly with this powerful software.

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Macmillan Education IWB

Macmillan Education IWB