Total is a major energy player, which produces and markets fuels,
natural gas and low-carbon electricity.
Total's history began in 1924, with the creation of Compagnie
Française des Pétroles (CFP).
At the time, they produced oil in the Middle East.
Over the years, they have expanded internationally and diversified
into gas, refining, petrochemicals, and petroleum product marketing,
as well as solar power, bioenergy, and energy storage.
They have been innovating for nearly 100 years to meet their
customers' expectations.
“The Power of Colors”
When your booth has the same characteristics as your brand identity it'll be identified as a main and unique booth in the event and a direct, simple yet creative way to represent your power and identity attributes.
Functional and user-friendly design is something that never goes out of style, each of the four colors in
TOTAL's logo represents a function required.
Locate and design ground-mounted and wall-mounted signs to complement the character and scale of the booth and promote an active, pedestrian-friendly environment.
A trick was played well here, by using a mirror to complete “TOTAL” word by reflection on the booth floor.
Indeed, it’s a strong choice for your booth.
“In TOTAL's Heart”
One of the main benefits of using TOTAL’s logo as the main emblem in this direction, that it's characterized by spherical elements that express the universal commitment of the Group in the energy field, aimed at promoting exchanges of energy and human resources in order to provide a significant contribution to international social and economic progress.
The spherical symbol encloses the image of multiple energy flows.
To ensures your composition is symmetrical and visually balanced, ground-mounted and
wall-mounted signs were located and designed to complement the character and scale of
the booth and promote an active, pedestrian-friendly environment.
Indeed, it’s bold, powerful and really showcase a business’ innovation and expertise as
leaders in that field.


Creative director : Ashraf Mores
Art director : Mohamed Hatim
Senior 3D designer : Mayar Mahdy 
3D Designer : Islam Faysal
Copywriter : Youmna El Ebiary
Total booth

Total booth